Terms and Conditions


1. General Information
The following terms and conditions concern all contracts, deliveries and other services of www.last-bikes-shop.com with customers (§ 13 BGB).


2. Contractual Partners

The contractual partners are the customer and Last GmbH, directors Jochen Forstmann and Jörg Heydt, Vinckeplatz 8, 44139 Dortmund, Germany, companies register HR B-30781 Registergericht Dortmund, VAT ID DE323332770.

You can reach our customer service for all kinds of questions, assistance and complaints during the week between 10 am and 5 pm by phone +49 (0) 231-13 74 23 91 as well as by email info@last-bikes.com.

3. Offer and formation of contract

3.1 All illustrations, drawings, measures and weights contained in schedules of prices, catalogs and other media are not binding and without obligation. The presentation of the products is an invitation to order, not a binding offer. We can not be held responsible for errors in product information and pricing.

3.2 By klicking the order button in thelast step of the order process you place a binding order of the products listed on the order form/site. The contract of purchase gets formed, when we confirm your order by sending you the order confirmation by email.


4. Right of return


Instruction of the reight of return

Right of return:

You can cancel your purchasing contract within two weeks without specific reasons in a written form (for example by letter, fax, email) or - if you received the products/service before the end of the two week period - by sending back the product. The two weeks limit starts with the reception of this instruction in a written form, but not before reception of the product/service at the purchaser and not before fulfillment of our information obligations according to § 312c Abs. 2 BGB in connection with § 1 Abs. 1, 2 und 4 BGB-InfoV as well as § 312e Abs. 1 Satz 1 BGB in connection with § 3 BGB-InfoV.To respect the limit for the right of return the expedition date for the cancellation in a written form or the product must not break the limit. The cancellation has to be adressed to:

Vinckeplatz 8
44139 Dortmund 


Consequences of cancellation of orders:

In case of an effective cancellation of order both partys have to grant back the drawn benefits. If the drawn benefits can not be given back in full, or if the products can only be given back in degraded condition a compensation for the lost value has to be made. You can make sure that the product does not get degraded if you do not use it and do not assemble it with other parts.

Products that can be shipped by a parcel service have to be sent back on our risk. You have to pay the cost for the return in case the delivered producs are the ones you orderd and if the price does not exceed 40 Euro or if the the value exceeds 40 Euro but you hav not made any (partial) payment yet.  Otherwise the return is free for you. Products tat can not be shipped by a parcel service will be picked up at your site. Obligations for payments concerning returns have to be made within 30 days. The limit starts for you with the expedition of the product, for us with the reception of the product.

End of the instruction of the right of return


5. pricing and shipping cost
5.1The prices indicated in association with the products include german tax (19%) and all other price components.
5.2 Informationabout additional shipping costs will be shown on the forms during the order process.



6. Delivery
6.1 We deliver against pre paiment and within germany also agains cash at delivery. The price for the product or service is the price at the time of order. The right of return is not affected by this regulation.
6.2 The prices do not include the delivery. If they include the delivery this is indicated. The prices include 19% VAT - if applicapable. The delivery terms and cost can be seen here .


6.3 Binding delivery dates have to be agreed on in a written form. Normally the ordered products will be shipped no later then 3 days after reception of the prepaiment.

6.4 The seller can not be made responsible for delays caused by war, force majeure or natural catastrophes.

6.5 The seller is allowed to do partial deliveries. Partial deliveries are individual deliveries with regard to payment, warranty and transfer of perils. The purchaser is not allowed to refuse partial deliveries.

6.6 The transfer of perils take place when the products are dispatched towards the customer.

7. Payment

The payment has to be done in the way that has been choosen during the order process.

8. Ownership

The purchased product remains up to the complete equilibrium of the demands our estate. The reservation of proprietary rights also exists for all demands, that we acquire against the customer in connection with the purchasing object, e.g. on account of of repairs or replacement part deliveries as well as other services. If the customers is a businessman, where the contract belongs to the company of his business, the reserved ownership is also valid for the demands, that we have from the current business relation with this customer.
We are obliged to request of the customer for the renunciation of the reserved ownership when the customer has fulfilled all demands concerning the purchasing object and a appropriate protection exists for the remaining demands from the current business relation.
For that time the reserved ownership exists pledges or sales are only permitted with our written approval.
During the griping of a third party, in particular in the case of the seizure of the purchasing object, the customer has to write a message for to and to refer the third party to our reserved ownership.


9. Gewährleistung


To the products bought by us we concede an assurance of 24 months from date of invoice if the product was new. The assurance goes out as soon as a personal repair experiments or a modification are carried out. In the case of a verified lack recognized by us, the customer must first demand our free repair service during the guarantee time. If the reparation remains unsuccessful, it can - after choice of the customer - be delivered, reduced or changed.
Objections with regard to obvious lacks must be written to us within 8 days to the reception of the product. Hidden lacks must be reprimanded immediately after discovery. The customer is not authorized to restrain or add payments because of possible complaints.  The frame and rim warranty is dropped in the case of damages which are resulted by inappropriate use. The warranty at frames and forks is only valid if the parts remain in the original state and are used for the planned effort.
Without a receipt no claims concerning the warranty can be made.


10. Data privacy protection


Personal data that has been filled in the order forms, will be stored on our IT systems. This information can be forwarded to carefully selected (according to § 11 BDSG) companies to perform a solvency check. The full data privacy protection policy can be seen here.

11. Court of jurisdiction, place of fulfillment, applicapable law

 If allowable only german law applies. If the purchaser is a business men or a company the place of fulfillment and court of jurisdiction is at the location of the german brach of Last GmbH. Furthermore the seller is allowed to sue the purchaser at his location.