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We still have a few frames from the GLEN V1 in stock - all available sizes and colours can be found under the article "GLEN Frame" on this page. 




“On the first few meters already, its playfulness and agility totally wowed us. We had already used a similar suspension system for the CLAY, so I was quite sure it would do well again. Its geometry is optimized according to the frame size and on paper looks very slack and long. After the first few trails though it was clear: the GLEN is agile, precise and playful. At the same time you feel safe and in control. A great success since we wanted to go easy on the geometry. Our kind of easy. After a short period of settling in with the higher traction of the 29" tires, you get to the threshold range and can cross-ride with yet unknown speed.”

– Jochen Forstmann


The GLEN features a size-specifically optimized geometry. There is size XXL now.

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GLEN Federung

The progressive suspension system is suitable for air and coil shocks.

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GLEN Trail und Enduro

The scope of the GLEN ranges from Trail to Enduro – it is unfailingly robust and efficient.

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GLEN Total Bearing Quality

Bearings of best quality and precise 5-axis CNC machining in Germany means Total Bearing Quality.

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GLEN Rahmendetails

The details of the frame make the GLEN the perfect companion that also carries your drinking bottle.

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GLEN Builds

Each GLEN is custom-built as a frame kit or complete bike in Dortmund, Germany.

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Cornering the GLEN





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GLEN Custom  on request

GLEN Frame  was 1799 € - now 1399 €

glen_ride_black_right glen_raw_frame_beauty



Test Reviews 



BIKE 02/19 - Excellent 

Progressive kinematics, very good climbing characteristics and due to the short chain stays the LAST is very playful. Large riders benefit from the extensively adapted geometrie Test Oktober 2019

Progressive, well tuned rear triangle, very balanced and good uphill performance - The frame is of high quality workmanship and offers well thought-out details


 Best downhill performance on the Trail and efficent uphill - The many detailed solutions and the low total weight ara convincing. Balanced geometry and almost perfect ergonomics






Geometry and Frame Sizes


The GLEN is based on our signature geometry with short chain stays, flat head angle and long top tube. For the first time, we extensively adjusted the geometry to the size of the frame by optimizing the length of the chain stays and the effective seat angle. The improved weight distribution especially benefits tall bikers, for whom there is now frame size XXL.

Compared with our other bikes, the reach values have significantly risen. For one thing, we streamlined the seating position and secondly, we shifted it forward by making the effective seat angle steeper. This means better weight distribution on the front and rear wheel and high pedalling efficiency. Larger frame sizes come with bigger seating angles and longer chain stays, providing the balance of the weight distribution for larger bikers, too. Especially the smaller frame sizes feature short chain stays that allow to manual easily.

Due to the short seat tubes, bikers with long torsos or long arms can chose a frame one size bigger than normal. This also works vice versa if a seatpost ist used that is long enough. The seat tube is designed in a way that the seat post does not conflict with the bolt of the rocker arm and can be slammed down all the way.

GLEN Geometry
GLEN Geometry Tabelle




Suspension and Metric Shocks



Following our well-proven philosophy, the GLEN features progressive kinematics. Rocker tuned suspension provides a fine response behavior for little shocks. In the middle part, the kinematics offer a lot of feedback and the spring travel allows for a smooth ride and easy take off at lips. The generously dimensioned progression at the end provides good bottom out protection and reserves. Thanks to the kinematics, the suspension type can be chosen freely – air or steel spring – since the progression comes from the kinematics and not from volume spacers in the air shock. This means that the suspension system remains progressive even with linearly coiled steel springs.

Before using an shock thats not delivered by us it's necessary to compress the shock completely and check for sufficent clearance.




The position of the pivot point on the main frame guarantees high pedaling efficiency. Anti squat and ant rise values that were achieved this way draw the image of a carriage so efficient that it is often unnecessary to use the damper platform.


The generous installation space enables the installation of most dampers – even with piggyback. The rocker arms keep away dangerous shear forces from the damper. For perfect adjustment, the lower damper mount is milled on the completely welded and heat-treated frame using a CNC machining center. The damper is protected against rockfalls by its position in front of the seat tube.


From Trail to Enduro



With 150 mm at the front and 140 mm at the rear, the GLEN brings along a suitable suspension travel for all-round use without losing focus on efficiency and playfulness. The 29” wheels provide optimal roll-over resistance and make the bike fast.

At the same time, the bigger wheels and thus higher front axle help to avoid rollovers on steep slopes and unexpected obstacles. In relation to the axles, the bottom bracket of the 29” frames sits lower and provides the biker with a good stand on the bike.



The GLEN is certified for ASTM class 4 which normally is put on one level with Enduro. If you want to built an even more potent bike, you can use suspension forks with up to 160 mm of suspension to be used in racing or at bike parks. All wheel options and attachment parts are robust and designed for the expectable loads. The SL complete bike was designed as a particularly lightweight trail and all mountain bike.


GLEN Trail und Enduro



Total Bearing Quality 



By Total Bearing Quality we mean everything that is necessary for high quality and thus durable bearings. This includes roller bearings, bearing seats, mounting, and protection against dirt.



  • Full-ball type roller bearings improve load rating and stiffness. We use only 28x15x7 bearings that are globally available in cases of need. Our bearings are produced by Enduro Bearings and are made of stainless steel.
  • Machining the frame's bearing seats in one clamping on a highly precise 5-axis milling machine in Germany enables us to adhere to strictest diameter, form, and positional tolerances to avoid tensioning of the components during installation.
  • All contact surfaces and threads for the bearing pins are also milled in one clamping.





Frame Design And Details 



Frame Material and Fabrication

We process the aluminum alloy 6013 which is welded using TIG process. The smooth welding strategy we use is beneficial for the stability and creates notch-free joints.

After that, the frames receive a T4 heat-treatment at 500 degrees Celsius, followed by the straightening in solution annealed condition. To achieve a special vibration endurance of alloy 6013, it is then T6 heat-treated. Eventually, the frame is inspected again and head tube fit and bottom bracket bearing are manufactured.




Bottle Cage

A drinking bottle can be fitted to the down tube. Threaded sleeves are welded into the frame which makes them particularly robust. The size of the mountable bottle depends on the size of the frame and the dampers used. For size M it normally is necessary to use a damper without piggyback. Conventional bottle cages position the bottle in a place comparable with that of the fastening threads. Alternative systems, e.g. Fabric or Fidlock, might follow different approaches. We recommend testing the intended combination and making sure that the damper does not make contact with the bottle.

Glen Bottle Cage



Through Axle and Rear Width

The GLEN frame is compatible with 148 mm Boost spacing. Using a different derailleur eye and a special spacer it can be converted to 142 mm hub spacing. Boost and non Boost cranks will fit alike. Q-Factor 168 is required.
The X-12 compatible through axle operates with a nut that is threaded in the drop out. In case you strip the threads they can be replaced by changing this part. The frame is delivered with a DT Swiss RWS through axle. The lever is a plug-in type. If you don´t want to use the lever, pul it out and simply tighten the axle with an allen key.

GLEN Steckachse



Disk Brake Mount

The GLEN features a disk brake mount according to Postmount 180 standard. As in the case of our other frames, the disk brake mount and the fork end are a monolithic milled part. To ensure the precision of the contact surfaces and threads, we machine them in Germany on a 5-axis CNC mill along with the fabrication of the bearing fit.

GLEN CNC Scheibenbremsaufnahme



Bottom Bracket and ISCG Mount

Again we decided for the durable and easy to maintain option, the bolted BSC bottom bracket. The ISCG mount is embedded in the milled bottom bracket and robustly designed. In addition to Chain Guides, crash plates can be installed. There is an optional mounting hole on top.

GLEN ISCG und Tretlager



Headtube and Headset

The head tube houses integrated headsets Type IS41/IS52 and does without press fitting which makes the system easy to maintain. Additionally, the head tube can easily be remilled for integrated headsets. The function surfaces with a slope of less than 45 degrees are machined immediately which is not possible with cylindrical tubes. The Head tube features asymmetrical wall thickness with a good load-bearing capacity.

GLEN Steuerrohr



Cable Routing

Free of narrow bending radiuses and well protected against rockfall, the cable routing sits on the down tube. This improves the shifting performance and allows for a quick and easy replacement of the brake without bleeding it. Cable guides are flexible and can be replaced with other guides if needed, e.g. for the cable of a remote shock remote control. The remote cable of the seat post is completely housed inside the frame.

GLEN Zugverlegung



Colors and Frame Decals

The frame is available in black anodized, Raw, blue, and red. Before the application of the powder coating, the frames are polished. The transparent paints allow the polished metal surface to shine through and add a certain brilliance to the colors. The Raw look is finished with Scotch Brite pads and comes out quite shiny. With time the surface of the Raw frame can get a Patina, but you can easily refurbish the frame with Scotch Brite pads.

Decals are available in different color variations. If you want to personalize your bike, you can download the vector data of the logotype and create your own color design. Click here to download the file.

GLEN Farben und Decals




Frame Specifications


GLEN Exploded

Frame LAST GLEN (V01)
Travel 140 mm
Colors black anodized, Raw aluminium brushed, transpearent red powder coated, transparent blue powder coated
Sizes M, L, XL, XXL
Rider Height 1,7m ; 1,8m ; 1,9m ; 2,0m
Materials Aluminum 6013 T6 frame and 7075 T6 milled parts
Head Tube IS41, IS52
max. Fork Travel 160 mm
Bottom Bracket BSA, 73 mm
Q-Factor min. Q-168
Chain Guide Tabs ISCG 05
Seat Tube 31,6 mm
Seat Clamp 34,9 mm
Shock Size 210 x 55 mm
compatible Shocks Rock Shox, Fox, Cane Creek, DVO, Push 
other Shocks Every other shock must be test assembled and checked for free running and to be collision free by a skilled technician.
Hardware top 30,0 x 8,0 mm
Hardware bottom 22,2 x 8,0 mm
Bearings Enduro Bearings Max Type, full complement, stainless steel, sealed deep groove ball bearings, dimension 28x15x7 mm
Bottle Cage yes, for size M you will need to use a shock without piggy back
Rear Width 148 mm, with adapters and a differntdrop out 142 mm is possible
Disc Mount Postmount 180, max. 203 mm discs
Front Derailleur not possible, only one by drive trains
Tires 29" up to 2,6" width (depends on tire/rim combination)
Weight 2,9 kg
Frame Kits and Complete Bikes


We assemble the welded and milled parts in our manufactory in Dortmund, Germany and exercise greatest care. Each frame is is custom-built according to our customers' wishes regarding color, size, decals and shocks.

The GLEN is available in four different equipment variants, colors and as a custom bike for which all components from our portfolio can be chosen and combined. It is also possible to start with a preconfigured bike and change these specifications. We are more than happy to provide you with advice on the telephone and to help you finding the perfect package for you.


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GLEN CUSTOM - Complete Bike

The GLEN CUSTOM is a full custom build bike. You can choose between all components that we carry in our portfolio.

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GLEN - Frame Set

The GLEN V1 frame is a solid base to build a versatile and long lasting bike. 

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1,799.00 €
In stock or availibility at a certain date.
Can be shipped within 14 days
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