The new COAL excels at the descend! Carrying on our tradition in enduro bikes, we build a bike made for the most challenging terrain. From year one we trust in progressive kinematics for an unmatched responding characteristic, good mid stroke support and reserves when you need them. The COAL is designed for a lifetime out in the wilderness. Less time in the workshop and more time on the trail is our promise.




Coal-V02-Detail-Geometry Coal-V02-Detail-Suspension Coal-V02-Detail-Bearings

The Geometry provides control in extreme situations and agility thanks to the short chainstays.

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The Suspension compises a unique rocker linkage and provides highly progressive 160 mm of travel .

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Total Bearing Quality combines best bearing quality with precision machining in Germany.

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Coal-V02-Detail-Sizes Coal-V02-Detail-Metric Coal-V02-Detail-Frame

Four Frame Sizes with lower stand over, shorter seat tubes and longer top tubes for sizes L and XL.

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The COAL is optimized for Metric Shocks and provides increased space to fit coil shocks.

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The Frame Design is ergonomic and minimalistic. The COAL provides all modern standards and carries a bottle. 

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Choose your Model

For 2019 we added a new complete bike model, the COAL Race. Alle complete bikes are based on the proven COAL (V2) frame and will be build according to the new 2019 specs.




COAL Race  from 4649 €

COAL Trail  from 3849 €

Coal-Race-MY19 Coal-Trail-MY19


COAL Ride from 3499 €


COAL Custom from 3499 €

Coal-Ride-MY19 Coal-Custom-MY19


COAL Frame  from 1599 €






Geometry and Sizing



The COAL performs great on race tracks when efficiency counts and on the outmost challenging descents where you don´t want to ride against the clock. The slack head angle, short chainstays and the further improved sizing are taking control and agility to a new level.

The new COAL is available in four sizes from S to XL.

  • longer toptube: plus 5 mm reach for size L, plus 10 mm for size XL
  • shorter seattubes for all sizes: 370 mm, 380 mm, 414 mm and 482 mm. Allowing you to use the newest generation of dropper posts with extended travel
  • lower standover hight, giving you more room to move and more safety riding on the edge
  • shorter head tube providing a lower stack for frame size S​


Taking into account the biomechanics of the rider we use a size specific actual seat tube angle to create an effective seat stay angle of 75 degree that makes pedaling more efficient and comfortable. 



We recommend size Small for riders from 154 cm to 166 cm, Medium from 164 cm to 176 cm, Large from 174 cm to 186 cm and X-Large from 184 cm to 196 cm.


Suspension and Metric Shocks


The suspension system of the COAL is highly progressive. Featuring sensitive responding characteristics at the beginning, good support in the mid stroke and plenty reserves for whatever madness you can imagine. Set up correctly it is almost impossible to bottom out the COAL. Using the latest technology for calculation and simulation we were able to create a linkage driven single pivot system that eliminates the need for volume spacers in modern air shocks and therefore works perfect with a linear coil shock too.

While forks up to 180 mm travel are allowed to use, it is recommended to use a 170 mm or 160 mm fork to fit the 160 mm rear travel. The geometry shown is based on 27,5” tires and a 160 mm fork.




The rocker arms are machined from high strength grade 7075 T6 aluminum. They are extremely lightweight. There are no extending part and the whole silhouette is smooth. The shock is positioned within the front triangle, well protected against dirt and thrown up rocks. The shock is very accessible and the platform lever can be reached easily when riding. We offer an alternative link to adapt the frame to legacy 26" wheels.



Total Bearing Quality 



Our trademark Total Bearing Quality comprises everything needed to create a high quality and long lasting bearing solution. Besides the bearings it´s about the bedding quality, the parallelity of bearing axises, the assembly quality and the protection against debris.



  • ​ Full complement stainless steel bearings provide a greater laod carrying capacity, higher radial stiffness and they do not corrode. Made by Endurobearings.
  • The machining of all beddings is performed in Germany on a 5-axis CNC machine in one clamping.  This allows to control diamter-, shape- and positioning tolerances perfectly. The result is that the parts are not tensioned up when the frame is assembled.
  • All contacting faces, threads and the shock mount are machined in one clamping on the 5-axis CNC  machine as well.





Frame Design and Details





Frame Material and Manufacturing

The COAL frame is made of 6013 grade aluminium by TIG welding. The rarely used grade 6013 provides a superior fatigue strength und is the material of choice to build lightweight and long lasting frames. The welds are smoothed using the arc. This procedure reduces geometric notches at the weld seam. The full strength is developped after passing the frame through the T4 and T6 heat threatment.




Through Axle and Rear Width

The COAL frame is compatible with 148 mm Boost spacing. Using a different derailleur eye and a special spacer it can be converted to 142 mm hub spacing. Boost and non Boost cranks will fit alike. Q-Factor 168 is required.

The X-12 compatible through axle operates with a nut that is threaded in the drop out. In case you strip the threads they can be replaced by changing this part. The frame is delivered with a DT Swiss RWS through axle. The lever is a plug-in type. If you don´t want to use the lever, pul it out and simply tighten the axle with an allen key.





Disc Brake Mount

The disc brake mount ispostmount 180 type. The brake bolts use the threads provided in the dropout to save weight. In case you strip them, which is very unlikely, we provide barrel nuts that fit in the prepared pockets of the dropout. They provide a safe way to mount your disc brake.




Bottom Bracket and ISCG Mount

The bottom bracket is a classic threaded BSA type 73 mm wide. Chain guides may be attached to the ISCG 05 tabs. Thea are strong enough to support a crash plate as well.





The head tube is fully CNC machined. It will fit with zerostack headsets: top ZS44 and bottom ZS56.




Cable Routing

No sharp turns and good protection against thrown up rocks. Our cables are routed on top of the downtube. The brake cable is fully exterior to allow a quick brake swap. The derailleur cable runs through a CNC part, just above the main pivot, and is hidden under protective tape on the chainstay. The cable guides can be replaced against triple guides in case a third position is needed for the remote control cable for the shock.




Colors and Frame Decals

The COAL is available in black anodised, red and blue. The transparent colors red and blue are applied to the polished frame and create a shiny apperance in the light. Red and blue are powder coatings.

The frame decals are available in various colors. For full customization the vector file is available for download allowing you to create your personal decal set. Click here to download the file.




Frame Specification


Frame LAST COAL (V02)
Travel 160 mm
Colors black anodized, transpearent red powder coated, transparent bleu powder coated
Sizes S, M, L, XL
Rider Sizes 154-166 cm, 164-176 cm, 174-186 cm, 184-196 cm
Materials Aluminum 6013 T6 frame and 7075 T6 milled parts
Head Tube ZS44, ZS56
Max. Fork Travel 180 mm
Bottom Bracket BSA, 73 mm
Q-Factor Q-168 is required
Chain Guide Tabs ISCG05
Seat Tube 31,6 mm
Seat Clamp 34,9 mm
Shock Size 210 x 55 mm
compatible shocks Rock Shox Deluxe and Superdeluxe, Cane Creek DB IL
other shocks Every other shock must be test assembled and checked for free running and to be collision free by a skilled technician
Hardware top 30,0 x 8,0 mm
Hardware bottom 22,2 x 8,0 mm
Bearings full complement, stainless steel, sealed deep groove ball bearings, dimension 28x15x7 mm
Bottle Cage yes, but for size S you will need to use a shock without piggy back
Rear Width 148 mm, with adapters and a differntdrop out 142 mm is possible
Disc Mount Postmount 180, max. 203 mm discs
Front Derailleur not possible, only one by drive trains
Tires 27,5" up to 2,5" width (depends on tire/rim combination)
Weight 2,89 kg

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COAL CUSTOM - Complete Bike

The COAL CUSTOM is a full custom build bike. You can choose between all components that we carry in our portfolio to build the TRAIL, RIDE and RACE bikes.

Please get in touch with us for ordering. Typical processing time is 14 days.

9,999.00 *

COAL RIDE - Complete Bike - 2019

The RIDE build combines the COAL frame with high end suspension components: Rock Shox Superdeluxe Select+ RT and Pike Select RC forks with Charger damper. Both feature the latest Debonair air chambers. The wide range 12-speed drivetrain with 10-50T cassette is Sram´s GX Eagle. Brand new for 2019 is the Bikeyoke Divine dropper post with up to 185 mm travel. DT Swiss have overhauled their E 1900 Spline wheelset, now it features an internal rim width of 30 mm.

3,499.00 *
In stock or availibility at a certain date.
Can be shipped within 14 days

COAL TRAIL - Complete Bike - 2019

The COAL TRAIL is equippet functionally and robust with a Rock Shox Pike Select+ RC fork and the Superdeluxe Select+ RT shock. Shifting is taken care of by Sram´s GX Eagle. The new Bikeyoke Divine dropper post provides up to 185 mm travel. The DT Swiss E 1700 Spline wheels feature their star ratchet freewheel system and rims with 30 mm inside width. The COAL TRAIL our most popular bike.

3,849.00 *
In stock or availibility at a certain date.
Can be shipped within 14 days

COAL RACE - Complete Bike - 2019

The COAL RACE is our new top of the line COAL complete bike. It offers great components that can stand their job on an enduro bike really well. Up front we use the new Rock Shox Lyrik Ultimate RC2 fork with seperately adjustable high and low speed compression damping in the 170 mm travel version. The rear travel is controlled by the Superdeluxe Ultimate RCT coil shock. The Code RSC brakes are known to be a good choice when you need them most. The DT Swiss EX 1501 Spline One wheels combine great bearing quality with the Star-Ratchet system, geat strength and light weight. Combining Maxxis´s Highroller II with the DHR II on the rear is always a good choice. 

4,699.00 *
In stock or availibility at a certain date.
Can be shipped within 14 days

COAL - Frame Set

The new COAL frame is a solid base to build a versatile and long lasting enduro bike. The frameset comprises a DT Swiss RWS through axle. The handle is plug in type, which means you can run it with a quick release lever plugged in or pull out the lever and operate the axle with an allen key. The frame is delivered with 148 mm rear spacing to fit for Boost hub width.

from 1,599.00 *
In stock or availibility at a certain date.
Can be shipped within 14 days
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery