The COAL with 29" wheels and 160 mm travel is progressive and gives you control at all times. The geometry is downhill-oriented and thanks to size-specific optimisation, the kinematics and riding position are very efficient. Optional as MX version with 27.5" rear wheel. Everything on the COAL is designed for demanding enduro use - race ready!





"The Coal has become more powerful with each generation. 29", a lot of suspension travel and our very sophisticated geometry make the COAL extremely fast. For the new frame we have optimized all tube cross sections and wall thicknesses. The milled parts are elaborately hollow and form closed cross sections with the adjacent tubes, so that the frame achieves high strength at a weight of only 2.9 kg. The new COAL performs all along the line!"


- Jochen Forstmann | LAST





The size-specific geometry of the COAL integrates you perfectly into the bike - new with MX Link as option.

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The suspension system is sensible and offers a mid stroke support - 41% progression for total control..

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The COAL is perfekt for challenging enduro tracks - bike park ready inclusive crash replacement

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Bearings of best quality and precise 5-axis CNC machining means Total Bearing Quality.

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The COAL is robust and durable. The frame details guarantee maximum reliability and versatile solutions.

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Each COAL is customized according to your wishes in our manufactory in Dortmund.

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Configure Your Complete Bike Or Frameset




COAL Custom  from 3539 €

COAL Frame  from 1799 €

COAL CUSTOM - Komplettbike COAL - Rahmenset






The geometry of the COAL is perfect for demanding enduro tracks, racing and bike parks. The steering angle of 64 degrees gives a lot of safety and control in difficult terrain. We deliberately chose a moderate bottom bracket height, so that a good compromise between positioning "in the bike" and sufficient ground clearance is achieved. To give a starting point for the size selection, we named the sizes according to prototypical body height of riders: 155, 165, 175, 185 and 195.



Geometry Optimization Of The Frame Sizes 

For COAL we adjusted the chainstay length, seat angle, bottom bracket height and head tube length to suit the size of the bike. The chainstay length of size 155 is a short 428 mm and increases gradually up to 444 mm for size 195. For the larger sizes we adjusted the seat tube a little steeper to get more pressure on the front wheel. The short seat tubes and the full retractability of the seat post give every rider the choice between several sizes - depending on their preference for a longer or shorter bike. The sizes 155 and 165 offer a 5 mm lower bottom bracket, as we recommend shorter 170 mm cranks due to the pedalling ergonomics. Together with the short seat tube and the very compact chain stays, this results in an exceptionally agile 29er or MX for small riders.




Progressive Suspension System



For almost 20 years we have been using very progressive suspension designs. Even today, for steel spring dampers, progressive kinematics is still the best option to realize sensitivity, support and bottom out protection. Shocks with air springs benefit when the excessive use of volume spacers can be avoided. Likewise, the forces introduced into the frame and the bearings via the damper are reduced when the transmission ratio decreases towards the end of the spring travel. This allows for a lighter design and less stress on the bearings. The COAL shows 41% progression from the SAG point to the end of the travel and is equally suitable for air and steel spring shocks.




Size-Specific Anti-Squat

In order to generate the best possible pedalling efficiency for each frame size, the kinematics are optimised to minimise the differences between the anti-squat curves. The graphs below show in blue the course of the anti-squat value for the five frame sizes in dependence of the gear engaged. This complex design is particularly advantageous for small and large riders, as their low resp. high center of gravity would otherwise be far from optimum.





The Anti-Rise value determines how the suspension behaves when braking. A value around 100% is considered the optimum, as the suspension then behaves neutrally. This means that the braking has no disturbing influence on the suspension system. Due to the size-specific optimization of the pivot point position, all five values of the COAL are practically congruent, shown in blue. 





From Enduro to Bike Park 



The COAL is optimised for the toughest race tracks and extreme terrain. and geometry are designed for demanding enduro use. With 170 mm suspension travel at the front and 160 mm at the rear, the COAL excels at descend - without losing focus on efficiency and playfulness. The adjusted geometry supports you in uphill to the next stage. The 29 inch wheels offer a very good rollover and make the bike fast.

At the same time, the bigger wheels and thus higher front axle help to avoid rollovers on steep slopes and unexpected obstacles. In relation to the axles, the bottom bracket of the 29” frames sits lower and provides the biker with a good stand on the bike.


The COAL is designed for a lifetime out in the wilderness. You can ride at bike parks or use it in racing - All wheel options and attachement parts are robust and designed for expectable loads. In addition to our warranty for defective material or craftsmanship, we offer a crash replacement program for the first 3 years which is not limited to the first owner.







Total Bearing Quality 



With the term Total Bearing Quality we describe everything that is necessary to achieve a high quality and durable bearing. In addition to the bearings as such, this includes the bearing seats, the alignment of the bearing seats to each other, the mounting and protection against dirt.



  • Stainless steel full complement bearings allow for better load carrying capacity and increase the radial stiffness while increasing corrosion protection. Manufactured by Endurobearings.
  • The machining of all bearing seats on the frame with a high-precision 5-axis milling machine in Germany allows for the most precise diameter, shape and position tolerances, so that components are not stressed during assembly and operation.
  • All contact surfaces and the threads for the bearing bolts are also milled in one go on the 5-axis machine.




Frame Design And Details 




Frame Material and Treatment 

The frame is hand-welded from 6011 aluminium alloy tubes using the TIG process and then heat treated. 6011 is far superior to many other alloys in terms of fatigue strength, especially when the labor intensive smooth-welding process is used. The combination of cross sections and wall thicknesses designed to withstand loads results in a frame with particularly high design strength. The new generation uses a slightly larger down tube for more stiffness, as well as slightly rounder profiles on the rear end. The dropouts are hollow milled to avoid pockets where mud can accumulate. The even more complex CNC machining of the frame contributes to a frame weight of 2.9 kg.



Internal Cable Routing

The cables run in the front end, foam covers prevent rattling. The transition to the rear end is close to the pivot point to reduce flexural loads. On the chain stay the cable runs under the chain stay guard. The available installation space is taken up for tire and chainring clearance instead of making the milled part wide enough for a drill channel.




MX Option

On the MX version, the COAL use a 27.5 inch rear wheel, combining the advantages of 29 inch and 27.5 inch in one bike. The large front wheel has good rollover characteristics and the smaller rear wheel offers greater stiffness and more room to move. The seat can be lowered without the tire touching it during full compression. This allows smaller riders to use seat posts with more travel. The MX Link, which is slightly longer than the standard link, compensates for the smaller wheel diameter, leaving the geometry virtually unchanged. This way you can make perfect use of all advantages without compromising.



Universal Derailleur Hanger

We now use the Universal Derailleur Hanger by Sram for all our bikes which allows the installation of a normal rear derailleur - no matter which manufacturer. This is a great advantage since not only we use it – many bicycle shops will also stock this derailleur hanger, so it is always readily available – no matter where you are. From a technical point of view, it is nice to see that the thread for the axle is placed inside the derailleur hanger and in case of wear or defect can simply be replaced by a new derailleur hanger.



ISCG And BSA Bottom Bracket

If required, an ISCG mount can be mounted on the bottom bracket to attach chain guides or bash guards. The adapter is clamped to the bottom bracket when it is screwed into the BSA thread.



Mounting Hardware

When dismounting the dampers, the rocker arm holds the washers on the trunnion mount of the COAL so that they cannot get lost. The lower mounting hardware is made of titanium and has a dark PVD coating. The new titanium hardware is compatible with all predecessing COAL, CLAY and GLEN models.



Color Optiones and Custom Colors

COAL is available in untreated aluminum - raw. This version is neither anodized nor does it feature clear varnish. So the frame can be re-polished at any time. There is also a very robust black anodized version and a transparent blue powder coating. Thanks to our cooperation with 70ID, we can also realize individual color requests.

The frame stickers are available in different color variations.If you want to individualize your bike you can download the vector data. Click here to download.



The Frame Platform

The COAL is based on the same frame as our GLEN. Both bikes vary by only 15 mm travel at the rear and 20 mm at the front. When riding, the plusher COAL and the more direct, playful GLEN differ more than this small difference in rear travel would initially suggest. Based on the front and rear of the platform, the damper installation length and the rocker arm are varied depending on the model. The MX option is realized by a longer link and the original geometry is untouched. So the frame offers maximum flexibility, whether temporarily for a day at the bike park or permanently.




Frame Specifikation


Sizes 155, 165, 175, 185, 195
Travel 160 mm 
Fork travel max. 170 mm
colors black anodized, raw, transparent blue powder couted, custom
Materials Aluminum 6011 T6 Frame and 7075 T6 milled parts
Head tube IS41, IS52
Bottom bracket BSA, 73 mm
Q-Faktor mind. Q-168
Chain guide tabs ISCG 05 via. Adapter
Seat tube 31,6 mm, min. 130 mm minimum insert
Seat clamp 34,9 mm
Shock size 205 x 65 mm Trunnion 
Compatible shocks Rock Shox, Fox - every other shock must be test assembled and checked for free running and to be collision free by a skilled technican.
Hardware bottom 22,2 x 8,0 mm
Bearings Enduro Bearings Max Type, full complement, stainless steel, sealed deep groove ball bearings, dimension 28x15x7 mm
Bottle cage yes, for size 155 and 165 you will need to use a shock without piggyback
Max. sprocket 34T (52 mm chainline)
Rear axle Through Axle 12 mm, M12x1, X12 compatible
Rear spacing 148 mm
Brake mount Postmount 180, max. 203 mm discs
Front deraileur not possible, only one by drive train
Derailleur hanger UDH (Universal Derailleur Hanger)
Tires 29" uo to 2,5" width (depends on tire/rim combination)
Frame weight 2,9 kg
Complete bike weight from 12,6 kg


Frame Sets And Complete Bikes


Every COAL is customized according to your whishes in our manufacture in Dortmund. In addition to frame sets we also offer complete bikes. All complete bikes are individually configured and optimally adjusted. This concerns both the selection of components and the color of the decals. We will gladly advise you by mail, telephone and of course in our showroom.   

COAL complete bikes are possible from 12,6 kg and prices start at 3539 €.

In addition to the shipping option, customers can pick up their bike from us in Dortmund and have it perfectly adjusted to their needs during a guided tour. 

The COAL is available as individual custom built or as a frameset. It can be ordered from now on and will be available from July.

Responsibility and Ecology 



In choosing our partners and suppliers, we attach great importance to good conditions, both in terms of the environment and conditions for employees. That's why we prefer suppliers from free democratic countries. For the COAL and the GLEN, this means: frames are welded and anodized in Taiwan. CNC processing of bearing seats and screw joints is done in Germany. Custom paint jobs are executed in Hagen, Germany. Finally, all frames are assembled, tested and, if desired, assembled into complete bikes in Dortmund.



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COAL CUSTOM - complete bike

We will start taking orders for the COAL again from the end of November.

COAL - Frameset

You can order your new COAL frame again from the end of November.

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