LAST is a rider owned mountain bike company based in Dortmund, Germany. Since 17 years we develop hardtail and full suspension frames. Based on our riding and professional experience we match geometries that handle well with high performance suspension systems and state of the art mechanical engineering. We strive to build your bike,reliable and light, for more happy hours on the trail.



Rider Owned Company

It all started with the wish to have a bike with better riding characteristics to make the riding more fun. This was in year 2000 when Jochen Forstmann built the first prototype of the RUFUS dirt jump frame. Since then nothing has changed: The driving force behind all creations is the passion for riding bikes.


Jörg Heydt and Jochen Forstmann began Downhill racing in the 1990s and expanded their practices to Dirt/Street and Enduro. They are the owners of LAST, an independent and rider owned bike company based in the Ruhr area in Germany. All staff is riding mountain bikes themselves with great passion, which guarantees that first hand advice - based on personal experience - is given, be it on the phone or in the showroom at our head quarter in Dortmund.


Product Philosophy


Participating in the creation of new bikes is one of the great pleasures for everyone in the company. And for each new bike there needs to be a reason. Innovation is the best reason for a new bike. It can be evolutionary, disruptive and sometimes less is more.


For each new bike we use all the ingenuity and experience to balance important factors such as: function, strength, stiffness, ergonomics, aesthetics and weight. The aim is to design fast bikes that handle well and support your riding.


LAST bikes are the result of quality materials, serious craftsmanship and careful conception. They are designed to last over a long period of time and they are fully serviceable.


Design, Engineering and Manufacturing


The starting point for each bike design is to define for what kind of riding it should be suitable. Each bike category has different requirements. In the development process the required characteristics are translated to numbers such as geometry, suspension travel and ratio curve. To have a good understanding of the relation between these numbers and the ride characteristics is key to a target-driven development.


The Germany based engineering department applies state of the art mechanical engineering practices and collaborates with researchers in the fields of testing procedures, materials and fatigue, structural analysis and ergonomics. The department is run by last owner Jochen Forstmann, Dr.-Ing. in mechanical engineering, Professor at University of Applied Siences Osnabrück and rider with a long history covering disciplines from downhill, dirt, street to enduro.


LAST frames are hand welded to the highest standards in manufacturing. With our Asian manufacturing partners we share over a decade of experience. Each frame is carefully checked, assembled and finished with attention to detail in our factory in Dortmund, Germany.