Test Event Schedule

Besides offering Testrides at our Showroom in Dortmund we offer Testrides across the country. At each venue there will be the opportunity to show up and test ride a bike on the parking (for example to check sizing) without any appointment. If you want to take a ride with us (approximately 1-2 hours), you need to inscribe for the event in advance. Inscriptions will be available via a web form about 2 weeks in advance of each event. Links to the inscription will be found on this site. The starting times for the test sessions will be shown during the inscription process. We can not always publish the exact event location, but the inscribed riders will receive an email that includes all necessary information. Please understand that we can only offer test rides to adults. Children may be accepted if accompanied by their legal guardian (that must have the same address in his passport).


  • November 4th, 2017 - END OF SEASON @ LAST headquarters in Dortmund. We invite you to discover our location in Dortmund and take a look around our workshop. We will also have some special bikes, frames and parts on offer as the season is ending. Besides a BBQ we offer a group ride on some of the local trails.  We will offer to book your dream bike in advance. The link will appear here approximately one week before the event happens. Of course you can also take your own bike and just participate in the ride without any reservation.

Please note that during event days our Showroom in Dortmund is closed (except for the season ending event).


Showroom Dortmund (Germany)

Our head quarter in Dortmund serves as showroom, office, workshop and stock.If you want to see or test ride a specific bike, please get in touch with us before you visit. Someone else may be on a test ride on that day and we don´t want you to be disappointed if the bike you want to see is not available. Checking out the bike in front of the showroom is free, but please bring your ID with you. On certain Saturdays our showroom is closed, because we host a test event elsewhere or because of illness or whatsoever. To make sure you don´t find yourself in front of locked doors, please check this site and our Facebook site for updates before showing up.

Location: Alter Mühlenweg 12, 44139 Dortmund – in the backyard

Opening times: Saturdays 10:00-13:00

Phone: +49 (0) 231-53 46 15 91

Email: info@last-bikes.com


How to test ride a bike over the week end:

Extended test rides are subject to a fee of 50 €. The test rides are subject to the following timing: Bike pick up from our show room Saturdays at 12:30. For the return we will discuss the time of return with you. It must be on Tuesday but we are flexible, if necessary, we are available until 21:00. If you purchase a bike or frame within 3 months the test fee will be 100% returned. Pick up and return for the bikes is at our showroom, please see above for contact details.


On the following dates the showroom is closed because we run test events somewhere else or due to holidays:

October 7th, 2017 (Germanies Finest Testival Brilon)

October 14th (Testival Berlin)